Our Frequently Asked Questions, please do not hesistate to contact us if you want to ask some more questions.

1. What kind of organisation is ABF (Aida Benjamin Foundation)?

ABF is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political organization established and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in March 2017 with the mission to initiate, promote, implement in partnership with other organizations sustainable care and support programs for less privileged women and children in communities, foster homes/orphanages, economically empower youths and women and promote family health in general.

2. Can I Voulonteer for ABF as an individual?

Yes! You can volunteer for ABF in one or more of our programs which include:

  • Training and Mentoring
  • Community and Facility outreach
  • Youth empowerment
  • Women empowerment
  • Health and safety
You can volunteer up to 20 hours of your time in a week (from Monday to Sunday) as it is convenient for you. As a volunteer, ABF would like to maximise any kind of experience you have gained in the past

3. Can an NGO request the support of ABF?

ABF believes in networking! An NGO can request partnership or collaboration with ABF and NGOs can also refer to ABF. ABF equally refers services to NGOs.

4. Does ABF provide information to the media, governement or any group?

ABF is accountable to the Federal Government of Nigeria and line Ministries as it relates to the programs she organizes. When the need arises, information will be made available to the media and any group. However, confidentiality is one of the many values ABF operates by.

5. Who funds ABF?

Currently, ABF has no source of funding. However, ABF is open to funders. So far, the 5 outreaches ABF has organized in Nigeria has been funded by a percentage of the proceeds from the Founder’s personal jewellery business, donations from men and women of goodwill.

6. Who started ABF and why?

The so many travails widows go through after the demise of their husbands and bread winner necessitated the creation of ABF, some widows go as far as becoming prostitutes in other to feed their children, some orphans are faced with living on the streets when no relative is willing to take them in, they become vulnerable. Mrs Adaku Oseiza who is a humanitarian has single headedly borne the burden of assisting these peculiar group of people alone for many years she seeks to add value to them and make them self-reliant, in other to reach and assist more people ABF was created as a platform.

7. I want to work for ABF, what do i do?

Currently, ABF is not hiring due to funding constraint. Whenever ABF is ready to take on new staff, vacancies will be advertised via the official website and social media platforms. However, ABF encourages everyone to embrace the spirit of volunteerism and make themselves available for programs and events. Volunteers will be assisted with basic transportation and refreshments during outreaches.

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